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  • air tickets

  • ferry tickets

  • student transportation

  • school and religious tours in Kalymnos

  • excursions in Greece or abroad

  • we undertake people transportation from marriage,
    christenings and various other events

  • we undertake group transportation to and from the port or the airport

  • we can take to a tour of the island by bus, taxi & boat

about Kalymnos…

Kalymnos has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age. Its first inhabitants were the Kared and then the Phoenicians, followed by the Dorians (the name Damos remains until today as well as the important ruins of the temple of Apollo). Homer mentions Kalymnos as Kalydna and its participation with 30 ships in the Trojan war.

Captured by the Persians, it loses its autonomy, and is then released and forms an alliance with Athens. Later, it is occupied by the king Mausolus of Halicarnassus, it becomes released, gets occupied by the Romans, Turks, Venetians, again by the Turks and in 1912 it is granted to the Italians. In 1947, it gets incorporated in the Greek state.

In modern history, sponge diving, sponge processing and trade as well as fishing flourishes. With a population of 16.179 inhabitants, it has its own airport with daily connection to Athens, a major port, with daily connections to Rhodes, Kos and Piraeus, three museums and a modern archeological museum.

The island is ideal from climbing, diving and watersports. The current capital i s Pothia, the former capital was Hora. Some of its important settlements are Argos, Panormos, Myrtiers – Massouri, Arginonta Skalia, Emporios, Vathys, Vothynoi and Vlyhadia. A dominant place holds the Monastery of the local St. Savvas where the relic is kept, gathering religious tourism.

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